Why Allegiant Managed Care?

The AMC Advantage:  Expect local expertise with established provider relationships.

  • Flexible Service:  Our Case Managers quickly identify and discuss your claims management objectives. Our three-point approach (face-to-face meetings with the injured worker, employer, and physician) can be tailored to meet your information needs.
  • General and Specialized Expertise:  AMC Medical Case Managers are registered nurses who participate in professional associations and are CIRS/CCM credentialed. In addition, our Nurse Specialists have advanced training and experience to handle catastrophic cases.
  • Access to Resources:  AMC Medical Case Managers are familiar with local resources, which assures greater access to local providers. Our Case Managers obtain quality treatment for your claimants, by referrals to the appropriate board-certified physicians, certified home care agencies, and accredited hospitals. They also have access to affordable durable medical equipment, and providers to focus on cost containment.
  • Effective Communications:  AMC Case Managers are skilled communicators who can interact with all of the involved parties, to see that your needs and goals are met.
  • Accountability:  We provide timely and concise reports. An itemized bill will be sent with each report. All special handling instructions will be within compliance of referral source.
  • Partnering:  We want to work with you. We can implement creative solutions based on your claims management philosophy to produce a mutually beneficial and satisfying long-term relationship.
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