Medical Record / Legal File Review Services

Our medical staff incorporates their nearly 70 years combined clinical experience with their knowledge and expertise in review and summation of your records and case.  Our service can assist you with:

  • Review of Medication usage/costs
  • Identifying Liability exposure
  • Setting/evaluating reserves via cost projections
  • Identifying pre-existing factors

Purpose of File Review:

  • Medication usage/costs
  • Liability exposure
  • Cost projections
  • Appropriate treatment
  • Pre-existing factors
  • Litigation
  • Negotiation

Allegiant Managed Care File Review Services include:

  • Organize medical records and other medically related litigation material
  • Consult pertinent medical resources
  • Prepare chronologies of medical events and correlate to allegations
  • Identify and explain the RED FLAG issues
  • Summarize collected data in a specific report
  • Make pertinent recommendations based on medical evidence/findings presented in report
  • We will be happy to address any customer’s specific requests/concerns!