Allegiant Managed Care’s MSA Program Benefits

Allegiant Managed Care Management offers Medicare Set Asides utilizing Medicare Set Aside Consultant Certified professionals. We are able to provide a detailed review of the medical records necessary to develop an accurate and reliable future cost projection necessary for settlement of claims.  Our MSA program expedites settlement agreements in a timely manner, reduces litigation costs, and customizes an MSA report geared towards each individual file.

Allegiant Managed Care’s MSA Program

  • Completed by Medicare Set-Aside Certified Counselors (MSCC).
  • Expedites settlement agreement
  • Reduce litigation costs
  • Customized comprehensive medical reports
  • Detailed list of future medical treatments and cost projections
  • Excellent turnaround time!

What is needed for Allegiant Managed Care to complete an MSA?

Once we have received the following information, we can start the file review:

  • First notice of injury/loss
  • Last two to three years of medical records from all providers
  • Last two years of medical payouts for: treatment, transportation, medication, durable medical treatment, attendant care, and facility care
  • Last two years Pharmacy summary records (where claimant purchases his/her scripts)
  • Any documents stating the claimant has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)
  • Previously completed Life Care Plan/Cost Projections (if available)
  • Medicare entitlement dates
  • Signed medical release, as provided by Allegiant Managed Care
  • If a rated age is requested

How is the Medicare Set Aside (MSA) amount determined?

The MSA amount is formulated by the following:

  • Date and nature of injury
  • Type and extent of injury/illness
  • Rated age of injured party and life expectancy
  • Review of medical payment history
  • Review of medical records
  • Physician recommendations
  • Extent of disability
  • WC fee schedule or usual and customary fees
  • Future medical needs for treatment of injured party through life expectancy