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Desensitization Services

A critical incident is defined as an event which has the potential to overwhelm ones’ usual coping mechanisms resulting in psychological distress and impairment of normal adaptive functioning.

Prevalence of Incidents
  • 2 million victims of violent incidents per year
  • 5 million simple assaults
  • 51,000 rapes and/or sexual assaults
  • 84,000 robberies
  • 230,000 police officers-nonviolent crime
  • 639 homicides
  • 8,768 fatal workplace injuries
Why Desensitization?

Desensitization services assist the employee in-volved in the work-related incident in returning to work. Desensitization teaches the employee techniques, on how to desensitize him/herself from the work-related incident. During desensitization the employee interfaces with co-workers and participates in exercises in his/her work environment. The employee meets with the vocational/desensitization consultant two to three times per week. Monthly reports are developed documenting the employee’s progress in the program.

Benefits of Desensitization
  • Reduces the amount of time the employee is out from work
  • Reduces the cost
  • Return to work increases significantly
  • Works with the treating physician to achieve RTW
  • Monthly progress reports

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