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Earning Power Assessment/Labor Market Survey

Our purpose is to identify open positions in a specific area (labor market) that are both vocationally and physically appropriate for the individual being assessed.

  • An in person or virtual initial evaluation is completed and based upon those findings, a transferrable skills analysis is completed.
  • Based upon physical capabilities, transferrable skills and average weekly wage or TTD, positions in the labor market are identified.
  • A labor market survey is conducted in a proximal geographic area to the individual and is intended to determine open and available employment that fall within the physical capabilities and the transferrable skills set of the individual.
  • The case manager considers the nature of employment, prerequisites for employment, physical demands of the available position, work schedule, wages, and benefits when applicable. 
  • This may be completed as part of an earning power evaluation, which is an assessment of an injured party’s residual earning capacity post injury.

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