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Medicare Set-Asides (MSA)

We are able to provide a detailed review of the medical records necessary to develop an accurate and reliable future cost projection necessary for settlement of claims.


Allegiant is able to focus on the medical information and develop the most cost-effective projection for all parties.

Our MSA program expedites settlement agreements in a timely manner, reduces litigation costs, and customizes an MSA report geared towards each individual file.

Allegiant Managed Care MSA Program
  • Completed by Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified (MSCC).
  • Expedites settlement agreement
  • Reduce litigation costs
  • Customized comprehensive medical reports
  • Detailed list of future medical treatments and cost projections
  • Excellent turnaround time!
What is needed for Allegiant Managed Care to complete an MSA?
  • First notice of injury/loss
  • Last two to three years of medical records from all providers
  • Last two years of medical payouts for: treatment, transportation, medication, durable medical treatment, attendant care, and facility care
  • Last two years Pharmacy summary records (where claimant purchases his/her scripts)
  • Any documents stating the claimant has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)
  • Previously completed Life Care Plan/Cost Projections (if available)
  • Medicare entitlement dates
  • Signed medical release, as provided by Allegiant
  • Rated Age if indicated: Allegiant can help obtain
How is the Medicare Set Aside (MSA) amount determined?
  • Date and nature of injury
  • Type and extent of injury/illness
  • Rated age of injured party and life expectancy
  • Review of medical payment history
  • Review of medical records
  • Physician recommendations
  • Extent of disability
  • WC fee schedule or usual and customary fees
  • Future medical needs for treatment of injured party through life expectancy

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