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Vocational Case Management

Read below to learn when to utilize Vocational Case Management

When to Utilize Vocational Case Management
  • To return injured worker to work
  • When the injured worker has been released to work
  • To assess the status of the injured worker
  • To ascertain the value of the claim
  • To position the claim for resolution
  • Job analysis

Coordinate Return to Work Programs

Working in partnership with employers our vocational staff utilizes on-site written job descriptions, video job analysis and works with physicians involved to ensure an appropriate position is identified.

Vocational Assessment and Appraisal

Our vocational experts complete this task via record review, personal interview, and testing when necessary to ensure all the pertinent vocational information is identified prior to implementing a rehabilitation plan.
Other Services

Job Development and Placement

A five-step process which includes:

  1. Evaluation/Assessment
  2. Identification of employment opportunities
  3. The monitoring and documentation of the injured workers’ participation
  4. Job coaching, if necessary
  5. Provide testimony, if necessary

Labor Market Survey

Our vocational experts utilize all the accepted principles within the rehabilitation industry and follow the outlined methodologies when detailing open and available employment.

Forensic Vocational Services

These services are applicable in the civil litigation arena. Examples of reports include: Loss of Earnings Reports due to injury or illness; deliberate intent (WV); auto liability; Earning Power Reports comparing pre-injury and post-injury earnings; Projected Earnings Reports in the case of injuries to children and accidental deaths.
Red Flags in Disability Management

Workers’ Compensation Return to Work Hierarchy

  • RTW same job/same employer
  • RTW different job/same employer
  • Proceed under applicable state laws, i.e., Kachinski or Act 57 in PA


  • Assessing “own occupation” abilities for Return to Work.
  • Assessing “vocational function” to perform “any occupation” reviews in assisting the claim resolution process.
  • Provide a Second Vocational Evaluation opinion for either the Defense or Plaintiff Counsel during the initial and appeal claim process.

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